Hell in the Ardennes 90mm Figure Vignette – Two Figures and ruined building



90mm Collectors Vignette Scene – Ardennes Offensive / Battle of the Bulge

Two seated figures plus house ruin (two large sections plus smaller ceiling section)

FIGURE DETAILS – 90mm Figures

The troops can be painted to reflect many US infantry units operating in the Ardennes. The BC1000 radio operator wears the wool winter overcoat. No unit patches are printed onto the figure – many winter overcoats were issued to troops at short notice therefore they did not have time to sew on unit patches, (although there were also several that did). The soldier carrying the M1 Garand wears the M1943 combat uniform, fur liner hat underneath M1 helmet and M1 ammo pouch. Three patches will be included with the kit to use on the figure – 101st Airborne (as per render image) 82nd Airborne and US 1ST Infantry Division. If you require a particular unit patch that is not included here please let me know and I will include for you.