Mark has worked as a professional artist for many years, and has shipped his figurative sculptures and paintings to various parts of the Globe including the USA, Australia and Europe. In 2016, alongside his oil painting commitments Mark began working on miniature figure commissions, primarily for veterans of the UK Armed Forces. Although at the time mainly working in two part epoxy putties, Mark later began investing several hundred hours of his time in studying the art of digital sculpting and familiarising himself with 3D printing practices.

Mark now sculpts exclusively in digital; a format which suits his passion for recreating musicians and action figures perfectly. 


Work with Mark…

If you have a subject in mind and would like to commission a digital sculpture please email Mark directly at Before sculpting and recreating in miniature form, there are several factors that will need to be addressed, including but not limited to…

Pose… Is the subject suited to a more relaxed pose or something more dramatic? If the subject is to be created performing a particular action then careful planning will be required to ensure the final design will contain a balance of movement, proportion and excitement, ensuring the limbs are reflected in a realistic manner.

What level of detail will be required? If the subject is an anime character for example, facial pores will not be necessary. However, if the subject is a bust that is to be recreated in a large scale, a high level of detail will be required such as wrinkles under the eyes, nose pores, textured clothing and much more. 

Environment… If depicting the subject within a particular setting, ie a building, forest or a Winter environment, this is something that will need to carefully planned during the design phase.

Is the project for a digital file only (stl) or is it to be 3D printed and a master copy required for casting? If so, a small number of test prints will need to carried out to ensure the parts fit together correctly and that the model prints successfully in the required scale.

The scale of the subject.. if the miniature is to be recreated in a large scale such as a 1/6 figure, this will need to taken into account when planning the printing process, and a particular large part may need to be hollowed out in order to minimise the weight of the figure. 


In addition to the above, there are various other elements of designing and sculpting a 3D character that will need to addressed prior to beginning the work. If you have questions, feel free to reach out!!

If you are looking to commission an artist or sculptor for a personal or business requirement, Mark will be happy to meet your requirements. You will be sure to receive a warm, professional service and a unique piece of artwork completed with the highest quality materials.

Please email us directly at