Edward Chapman VC BEM 1945 – 120mm Vignette



120mm Scale Double Figure Vignette

A Chris Edwards project in Collaboration with Concept Miniatures

Depicting the events of 02 April 1945

Edward Chapman VC BEM was a quiet man not big in stature but huge in personality and humility .
The figure depicts Edward Chapman attempting to rescue  Captain V Mountford  see


The following conversation as recorded by Chris Edwards:

“I asked him about the day he won the VC .
We were sat with a number of Vets including my dad in Normandy
He said let me make this clear he said ,
“I was in the wrong place at the right time” .
He then pointed at the boys as  he always called them and said they would have all done the same
They look old now but let me tell you they were Lions with tears in his eyes
A air of silence fell over us and the seed was set for the project that started involving my dad and Ted that started 85 years ago
Sadly Ted and my dad have left the parade ground but are always here .
I promised dad I would do something special for him and dads figure will be shown soon
I hope you like the projects and they will be called the
P B I  series which was a term my dad and the boys used to use
“The poor bloody infantry”
The duo will be in 120mm 90mm and 75mm, sculpted by Mark Haywood who has done a wonderful job
For enquiries contact myself and Mark Haywood”