Mark regularly works on bespoke sculptures for collectors.

Mark has won several awards at miniature figure shows and provides both a figure painting and sculpting service. Depending on your requirements, Mark will offer to sculpt the subject from scratch; he also provides a complete figure painting and delivery service.

Mark has previously worked for clients in both Australia and the USA, so location is not an issue. Completed sculptures and figures are extensively protected before shipping to their final destination. On completion of the painted sculptures and figures, Mark will offer guidance on the protection of the sculpture including how best to display and guidelines for optimal viewing. 


Mark will start by gathering relevant information on the subject before making preliminary sketches. He will then start with a simple wire armature to determine correct placement of limbs and muscles. Quick drying two part epoxy putty is then mixed together and slowly added to the armature to build up the subject. On completion of the sculpture the subject will be permanently fixed to a display base before being hand painted in acrylics. A suitable plaque displaying information on the subject is then attached to the display base to complete the project. 



If you are interested in commissioning Mark for a miniature project, please contact Mark directly at