Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits

I regularly work on pet portraits and will be happy to assist you in providing an affordable, memorable painting of your loved one. I predominantly works in artists oils; the perfect medium for capturing expression, texture and emotion. Depending on your requirements the painting can be completed in line with various colour, style and format options. While some people wish for the artwork to look more traditional, others prefer a more ‘painterly’ appearance. 


Pet portraits can be completed in a variety of sizes starting from a small canvas (8 x 8 inches), right through to feature length panoramic formats. While some people prefer larger paintings, other people simply do not have the room and would prefer to have a smaller image of their pet. If the painting is to be framed this will also make the image considerably larger.



Prices for Popular Sizes (including delivery to Mainland UK) *

12 x 12 Inches £345.00

16 x 20 Inches £425.00

20 x 20 Inches £495.00

20 x 24 Inches £575.00

24 x 30 Inches £845.00

30 x 30 Inches £1200.00

Larger sizes priced on request.

*The above prices are based on single portraits. Paintings containing two or more subjects are generally more complex and are priced on an individual basis. Please contact me directly for a quotation for a multiple pet portrait. 

Pet Portraits

Begin my pet portrait…


Frames can supplied and fitted from £40.00. I will be happy to discuss any framing options with you including style and choice of colour.


As I regularly works from photographs, please study the information below which will assist you in capturing a good reference photograph of your pet. 


Try to use natural daylight as opposed to artificial light. Ideally one source of light ie from a window will provide sufficient highlights and shadows of most animals. Where possible you may need to use an obstacle to steady your phone / camera. If you’re photographing your pet on the living room floor, you may prefer to position yourself at a similar level when taking the photo. A cat or dog looking up can work equally successfully, but will have a completely different perspective. If you are photographing a pet outside, try experimenting with a few snapshots on your phone; the differences in weather and strength of the sun will create softer and harder shadows. 

Multiple Pets

If you have two or three pets try and seat them all together, looking in the same direction. (This may take some time!!) If the sofa works, great, if not try experimenting with different layouts… any background items can be excluded or included in the painting… this is entirely up to you!! 

Be sure to take several photographs, ideally at least ten as some will come out clearer than others. If your pet has a unique feature that you would like including in the painting, try and capture this on the photograph. (A close up image will also help as it will provide further detail reference).

Photographs can be emailed to me at 

How long will it take?

This largely depends on the size and complexity of the subject. A small painting of a single pet will invariably be much quicker to complete than a multiple pet portrait. While a smaller painting can be completed in a matter of days, a larger painting can take up to three weeks. The painting will need to dry before arranging delivery. Upon commissioning the painting a 50% deposit is due before beginning the work, payable by either paypal or bank transfer. The final balance will be due after the painting is completed and an image has been electronically approved before delivering the finished artwork. 

If you have any questions or would like to commission a pet portrait please contact me at